Executive Summary.

It’s a universal truth that everyone wants to be treated as an individual.

From a brand’s perspective this presents a challenge, but imagine being able to access everyone’s emotional and personality profile and make accurate predictions of likely behaviour without breaching any regulations?

This was once deemed impossible in business, but thanks to nRich powered by Sounds Like Me, today - it is not.

nRich powered by Sounds Like Me provides truly transformational hyperpersonalisation at scale.

The Problem.

Brands currently face major barriers in how to ethically collect reliable data and understand individual customers.

There are serious restrictions and legal challenges on the use of data and customers rightly need and deserve a level of non-intrusion and transparency when online.

Effective personalisation solutions need complete brand and business alignment, with a precise level of relevance to ensure brand authenticity and the harmonious interaction that satisfies consumers.

Demographic segmentation, simply just does not work effectively and data mining and big data are not enough to provide a compliant, comprehensive perspective of an audience’s motivations, behaviours and habits at an individual-level and to a mass scale.

Every brand should know that hyper-personalisation, translates to an increase in conversions, more economically effective and productive marketing strategies, happier customers and improved brand loyalty and trust. Indeed 64% of surveyed customers now expect increased personalisation.

The Solution.

Sounds Like Me is a scalable and predictive personalisation solution, with the ability to revolutionise brand and communications and create truly personalised experiences for each and every consumer.

Our ability to create powerful personality profiles incorporates evidence-backed research via the world’s most consumed and accessible form of media – namely music.

Our non-intrusive audio survey generates a deeply insightful picture of a person’s character, behaviours, thoughts, feelings, habits and attitudes – creating a hyper-personalised understanding of each unique individual.

What Sounds Like Me Does

Provides accurate, in-depth personality profiles in real time through our online audio-survey, generating thousands of behavioural predictions across a wide range of lifestyle domains.

Streamlines consumer data in an ethical manner; data is predictive, avoids data mining and removes the need for intrusive bespoke data collection that generally involves a great deal of wastage.

Delivers scalable solutions that can be implemented into any platform for consumer personalisation.

Adapts instantly to provide global solutions; we can generate audio-surveys and predictive analytics for any country within the world.

Creates business-specific solutions for brands/products/services by providing brand personalisation and bespoke positioning.

Builds targeted consumer campaigns which enhance communications and results in higher conversions.

Generates automated matches between consumers and products to create efficient matching and recommendations.

Improves ROI for marketing companies by providing hyper-personalised messaging and advertising strategies across all touchpoints. Including tone of voice, medium of choice and frequency.

Develops a deep and emotive sense of trust, empathy, and genuine engagement with the profiles of brands, products and services.

Sounds Like Me is based on ground-breaking proprietary patents created by renowned scientific experts.

Our ethos supports creating communities of like-minded consumers – where customers are better satisfied.

Put simply traditional methods would treat same-sex biological identical twins as the same person. The enclosed case study demonstrates just how different they really are.

Results can be generated in real time following a simple engaging and fun online survey that can be completed as whole or in bite size chunks as part of an onboarding prosess.

Every consumer can have a far better brand experience thanks to Sound Like Me.
They don’t know it yet, but they soon will.

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