With Sounds Like Me, the game has changed and it's changed forever. After only a few minutes of fun interaction, powerful and valuable insights can be achieved, the results of which can last a lifetime. Literally delivering incomparable Lifetime Value.

O, wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as others see us!
Robert Burns, 1786

Executive Summary.

Using a universal love of music and the magic of scientific breakthrough, Sounds Like Me quickly and accurately provides deep insights into the personality traits of anyone who interacts with the platform. Having taken the fun 15-minute survey individuals are then able to discover the strengths of their personality, better their relationships, improve their life opportunities and unlock their potential.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Businesses and Service Providers can in turn, learn more about their, employees, audiences and customers alike. For the first time ‘pure personalisaton’ is delivered, including what to say, how to say it, how frequently to communicate and which channels are best to use. At an individual level, this succeeds by breathing life into knowledge areas where soulless big data has failed, whilst at the same time avoiding any concerns regarding privacy.

Having achieved a breakthrough with Sounds Like Me, our research and developments scientists pushed on and have additionally developed the ability to accurately profile using all forms of media. We call this Looks Like Me. Running in parallel, it is an equally powerful and accurate predictive engine that powers and enhances the delivery of pure personalisation.

There is nothing like these two solutions in existence on the planet. No other platform comes close and the business opportunities and earning potential are virtually endless as can be seen from the business sector matrix and www.elgoog.vip that demonstrates one powerful way that Business Products and Services (BPS) can benefit.

Since the dawn of mankind there has always been a gap between that which is possible from emerging technologies and that which is currently practiced. From the emergence of the wheel, the use of animals to assist us, The Industrial Revolution and beyond, that gap has widened and the speed of change has increased exponentially. The digital revolution and associated technologies initially widened the gap into a chasm. This chasm is now rapidly closing as completely new ways are being found to embrace and lever those technologies. This allows things that were never thought possible, to become reality - delivering solutions faster and to more people than ever before.

The Sounds Like Me breakthrough creates an opportunity of such magnitude that it is unlikely to be replicated again. Nothing compares to the fact that it is accessible to all via a language that is universally understood, without being taught. It’s simple, fun to use, non-intrusive and bordering on compulsive to share and recommend. Whilst at the same time delivering potential life-changing powerful insights that last a lifetime and can be delivered cost effectively and rapidly scaled, globally.

Personalisation is the key to unlocking the enormous potential of predictive analytics and the search for ‘true personalisation’ within business, marketing, communications and life in general, is something of a quest to find the Holy Grail. Despite billions of investment dollars ‘Big Data Profiling’ has failed to deliver the meaningful results that only Personality Profiling can, however until now, this has not been possible to implement these on a mass scale. Sounds Like Me changes all of this and with the ability to accurately predict probability and to help power AI, it takes data analysis to whole new level. In each case Sounds Like takes the guesswork out of personalisation. It creates a robust data set that cannot be gamed, cannot be misinterpreted and cannot change over the lifetime of the individual who is participating.

To date, the best that the mining of data alone has achieved is theoretical profiling and segmentation but not personalization. Consequently this tells us nothing about why people behaved in the way they did in the past. As such it provides no guidance as to what circumstances in the future might lead to the same people behaving in the same way. And most critically - it tells you nothing about how best to communicate with these people.

Whilst those who have seen the potential of Sounds Like Me and Looks Like Me have already had their minds blown, we believe we are just at the beginning of understanding their full potential. We are the very start of a journey and have deployed a delivery roadmap that will result in laser like precision of predictions and outputs.

The breadth and depth of added value and earning potential powered by Sounds Like Me takes some time to get one’s head around and our team have created a business sector matrix that highlights how Sounds Like Me and Looks Like Me can benefit each. This can be found within our business plan alongside the BPS and Elgoog flow diagram.

There are three routes to the global market for Sounds Like Me. Each new region or territory can be made ready within four weeks, enabling unparalleled global expansion.

The three routes to market.

1 Paid Direct Marketing where we have found that the cost of customer acquisition using Sounds Like Me is far below typical industry standards.

2 Shared revenue relationships with artists and Influencers who encourage their followers to compare results with them.

3 Select commercial relationships across all global industry sectors where Sounds Like Me (via a subscription-based API engine) will empower and inform those businesses.

Sounds Like Me effectively creates a self-propagating loop whereby the businesses can both access and expand their customer base via the Sounds Like Me database and add to that database’s growth. Each profile within the Sounds Like Me database is tagged so that its source is known and can be rewarded accordingly. Similarly, businesses can also choose to ring fence their own customers if they so wish, and not participate with the extended database.

Sounds Like Me is kick-starting with a Joint Venture with Konnekt Digital who via music artists, that it has control or influence over, has access to a potential fan base of circa 2.2B. These individuals will be invited to profile themselves and compare with artists and with each other.

The combination of all of the above, combined with using discounted industry standards or actual AB test results unsurprisingly delivers massive business opportunities for all.

An example of predictions at work.

We were asked by a leading ticketing company, if we could profile their customers based on which concerts, they had purchased tickets for.

Our instant response was a flat “No", because we prefer that people undertake our own survey - as we believe that it is as important to know what people dislike as it is what they like.

Given the obvious disappointment to our answer, we agreed to proceed on the basis that we would assume that it would be the most popular tracks of the artists that the ticket buyers would like. To our minds, this was not ideal, but we conditionally took the risk.

The ticketing company provided us with a year's worth of anonymised ticket purchases from 1,000 individuals. We duly profiled the purchasers of these tickets. Subsequently we were asked to predict what other tickets those same people purchased in that same year for 26 other activities that the ticketing company sold tickets for. These include activities such as boxing, car racing, theatre etc.

Despite not being able to fully use our own methodologies we achieved 85% accuracy in our prediction rate.

Please watch the short videos below which highlight just some aspects of how it's done.

For those that we profiled, we can now also infer their socio-cultural values along with the reasons why they listen to music. The latter has obvious implications for ticketing, music streaming, radio channel selection etc. We can confidently tell music providers what these people are trying to achieve when they listen to music and those providers can insightfully tailor their services.

However, the real ‘big thing’ here is that we can also decode the socio-cultural values of those profiled. Along with their personality, these socio-cultural values give us massive amounts of information and data about what motivates people to demonstrate the attitudes and behaviours that they do.

This in turn, has implications for any aspect of business where it is important to understand people’s motivations such as Marketing, HR and building effective internal teams. The advance in our knowledge base here is that whereas we previously had ‘only’ personality, we can now also use these socio-cultural values in order to better understand individuals and the local-level markets they live within.

In essence - Our Looks Like Me capability has the proven ability to take our predictive offering to a whole new level across a wide variety of media channels.

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