How well do you know yourself?

Get ready for music- the world’s most enjoyable personality test is here. Sounds Like Me (SLM) personality profiling is music based, fun and delivers fully compliant evergreen first party data. When the scores reflecting each socio-cultural value and personality trait are combined, there are many millions of possible unique combinations. Based on OCEAN, the most-widely accepted personality measure by psychologists, the “survey” uses music preferences to identify a combination of personality traits and socio-cultural values, all summarized through a short music survey. In under 15 minutes, your reaction (explicit input Like, Dislike or Neutral) to various music tracks will create a personalized personality profile with an indefinite shelf life - and yes, you heard that right, it’s a once-and-done type of deal. Because music impacts every other experience we have, SLM creates custom “nRichments” (recommendations) for all kinds of content - music, leisure activities, self-improvement - straight from the person that knows you best - yourself. You will be able to understand your unique patterns of thoughts, values, behaviors, motivations, and habits from the results on this one-of-a-kind personality test. Approach life more effectively.

Let's discover your personality.